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[N GIRLS] sexy Dascha complete collection photos&vids

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[N GIRLS] sexy Dascha complete collection photos&vids

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sexy Dascha complete collection photos&vids

Maya, best known as Dasha, was a very popular model for LS Studio. She was known by many other model names such as Anya, Alexia, Maya, Julietta, Sonya A, and Lera. Dasha and Anya were the
most popular names for her. She is listed as Girl #30 for LS Finder.

Maya was born in Kiev in winter of 1992, and lived in central Ukraine. her real name is "Milen Kostromina"
From an early age, Maya was interested in becoming an actress, and to a less degree,
a fashions model. In 1999, her family and her saw a TV ad for modeling for "Ukrainian Angels", which was at the time owned by Alexander Chursin under the parent
company "Alex Models". At that time, views on sexuality in Ukraine were relaxed and things like nudism were very common. This, as well as the good money to be earned,
is likely what convinced Maya's parents to allow her to model nude.

Maya started nude modeling for the "Ukrainian Angels" in the year of 1999. She was 7 years of age when she started modeling. Ukrainian Angels was renamed to LS Studio in 2001,
after some customers pointed out to Alexander Chursin that he might *not* want to advertise to law enforcement where his studio is located. Maya described the atmosphere for the
LS related studios as fun and relaxed, and often female photographers were used to set the models at ease, though they encouraged the models to not make friends with each other.
Between 2000 and 2004, Maya modeled for over 50 sets and videos for the various websites under LS Studios and was listed under various model names, though some websites listed
her true first name.

She was one of the most popular models from LS Studio and had many fans. She was best known as Dasha or Anya. Adorers of her were nick-named Dashaphiles. Most of her modeling was
done between the ages of 9 to 11 years old. Dasha started puberty at an early age and her age was often mistaken for someone older. She was almost fully developed by 12 years old.
Maya gave conflicting accounts on why she stopped modeling in 2004. She gave both the reasons she simply didn't want to continue work for the company, and that they dropped her as

After LS Studio was raided by police in Ukraine in July 2004, Maya and her mother, like all of the other LS models, refused to press charges or testify against the studio or its owners.
She is currently married with children. Her surname or identity will not be given here for privacy concerns.

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